Senior Platemaker

by Sterling Marking Products Inc.

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Sep 25, 2022
Sterling Marking Products Inc.

Job Description

Senior Platemaker
Position Name:  Senior Platemaker: Photopolymer Operator / Die Mounter / Etcher
Reports To:
Plant Manager/ Team Lead
Purpose of Position:
To manufacture photopolymer plates as per yellow dockets
Result Areas of the Position:
  • Customer Requirements understood & satisfaction ensured.
  • Favourable gross margins achieved
  • Activities reported
  • Proper scheduling maintained and scheduling conflicts reported
  • Dockets and paperwork filled in as required
  • Pro-active troubleshooting of problems as required
  • Delivery dates met
  • Professional work ethic maintained
  • Time and scheduling planned effectively
  • Activity levels maximized
  • Reports and other paper work completed
  • Favourable relationships with customers, prospects, and company personnel maintained.
  • Personal skills, Attitudes and Motivation Developed
  • Reliable attendance achieved
Activities and Tasks:
  • Prepare and mould rubber plates from bakelite as required per yellow dockets and customer specs.  Grind plates as required
  • Operate and product quality photopolymer plates to customer specs for both liquid and sheets systems
  • Operate and produce quality magnesium plates to customer specs.
  • Calibrate equipment as required
  • Change wash out systems, acid bath, rolls, inks when required
  • Order stock as required
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area
  • Attend self-development courses to continue self improvement
  • Record and submit reports
  • Perform customer follow up when necessary
  • Strive for Customer satisfaction both external and internal
  • Keep manager informed, maintain and submit reports
  • Interact positively with company personnel
  • Assist in quoting of special proposals
  • Help with the field sales calls when required.
  • Able to lift 20lbs – 36” in height as required
Perform activities required by the ISO 9001 and Sterling Quality Management System.
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